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Scalp Micro-Pigmentation | Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment -



Scalp Micropigmentationor SMP is the revolutionary procedure of a realistic, undetectable tattoo for the hairline and scalp area and is suitable for both men and women.
This is a semi-permanent procedure using a micro-pigmenting technique applied directly to the skin. We colour match any hair colour to create the look of short or shaved hairs. This is done with fine hair-like strokes or dots and will disguise the look of thinning hair on the scalp. This technique can be performed on short or long hair and can help redefining your hairline, mask the signs of Alopecia Areata, camouflage scarring or old hair transplant scars.
We provide a star standard treatment all performed in a cosmetic clinic of the highest standard.

Is SMP like a tattoo?

By definition, a tattoo is a permanent mark on the skin by a process of ingraining a mark into the dermis. Similarly, SMP involves the application of pigments however the process and results are significantly different. The imprint of a single hair stubble isn’t applied as deeply as a tattoo and unlike traditional tattooing which consists of lines and colour shading, the SMP process is performed one impression at a time with specialised needles and pigments designed to replicate thousands of tiny hair follicles, with upwards of 30,000 required for full scalp coverage.

How do I choose a hairline?

If you are unsure of what style or type of hairline you are after, we are here to help. With experience on how to fit a hairline to your head shape and age, we can help recommend on the best fit for you . Over the course of your sessions, you can also tweak and adjust the hairline for a perfect result.

How long will the SMP process take?

The initial process will take anywhere from 1 – 6 hours depending on the coverage required. The follow up process may take 1 – 3 hours again depending on your individual requirements and is generally sufficient to complete your new look. However up to two follow sessions may be required and of course are included in your quoted price.

How long does the SMP treatment last?

The pigments used by ZHENITH BEAUTY Clinic are very stable once implanted into the skin, this is due to the absence of oils such as glycerine and witch hazel. This means the treatment will generally not require reapplication for a number of years. Having said that everyone’s skin is different in genetic makeup so touch ups may be required after a few years that should only take a few hours to complete.

What will my treatment cost?

The cost of your treatment will depend on the total area that needs coverage and the density that you will require to replicate your natural growth pattern. You will be provided with a quote during your consultations or by simply sending us a current photo for assessment. The cost of SMP us far less costly than transplant surgery and does not come with the continue financial commitments associated with hair piece maintenance.

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    Our Clients' Reviews

    I have received many compliments, and as I don’t wear much makeup to cover up my scar other than foundation and blush, I feel my minimal makeup looks enhanced! I treated myself and yes it paid off!

    Michelle Mendez

    I loved her work so much that I had my Lips tattooed plus Skin Needling treatment. I would HIGHLY recommend her to everyone. Thank you Zhenith for making me feel amazing and beautiful.

    Jessica Saliba

    Zhenith you are amazing and put me at ease immediately. As I’m a mature lady with a bad scar, you listened to my concerns with patience & respect. Even though my skin was extremely resistant and I had to have an extra visit, there was minimal pain and I absolutely love them.

    Thank you for being extremely professional and checking in with me throughout the whole healing process. I never thought my scar is way less noticeable.

    Pam Rimeld